CoLab Seoul-Berlin – (Hanpac) Rising Star 2012



CoLab Seoul-Berlin - Rising Star 2012©Sang-Hoon Ock

Co-Lab Seoul-Berlin

2012.3.16 – 3. 17 / Arko Arts Theatre, Main Hall

Co-Lab Project Group is a dance unit traversing creative boundaries. This performance is themed around the “meaning of meeting” and the influence of physical distance on human relations. The two choreographers on stage are separated by the distance between their homes (Seoul and Berlin), and the emotions and thinking attendant is depicted through an improvisational fusion of dance, video and art. Co-Lab: Seoul-Berlin interweaves movement, object, image, music and text and demonstrates them in a playful and improvisatory way. It focuses on various incidents and situations that are occurring in the process of communicating within a physical distance between Seoul and Berlin. It traces the changes and evolvement of emotions, thoughts, and attitudes occurring in those situations.

Concept, Performance Jee-Ae Lim, Soo-Hyun Hwang Light In-Yeon Lee Technique Min-Ho Park Production HanPac (Hanguk Performing Arts Center) Duration 45min Place of Performance Place Arko Arts Theatre, Main Hall, Seoul, Korea

_T3_0361©Tadashi Aoki

Co-Lab Project Seoul,Berlin_2©Sang-Hoon Ock