RAW MATERIAL – MA SODA(Solo/Dance/Authorship) HZT/UdK 2012

HZT_SODA2012_mail copy©Jee-Ae Lim


2012. 10 – 18 December / Uferstudios

“Raw Material” is about the individualized notions of traditional Korean dance. It is a series of works that I have been developing over the last year and a half. It attempts to appropriate the Korean traditional dance form as a resource for exploring new ways of using the body as a generative source of ideas.

It examines how my body is being re-conceptualized when there is an attempt to open it up to new possibilities taken from the traditional form of Korean dance. It also explores how the body is engaged in a constantly changing process of rearrangement, reconstruction, and deconstruction. This allows me to reflect on my own authorial presence.

The body is always in a transitional state. This means it is not possible to keep the body in a fixed set of rules. However, the handing over traditional dance is a repetitive process of how close I come to the given form and an exactness of the historical masterpiece. It bounds my body to a state where I am constantly affected by an external environment, culturally and socially. In this sense, I want to question my own understanding of complexity in my body memory that exists both in tradition and in a contemporary code of body movement and gestures in order to escape from the everyday habitual, institutionalized practice of limited individuality.

Concept, Performance Jee-Ae Lim Sound Kyan Bayan Light Lutz Deppe Technique Maximilian Stelzl and Nikola Pieper Production Stephan Kostropetsch Mentored by Prof. Dr. Boyan Manchev and Natalia Blanco Duration 50min Places of Performance Uferstudio in Berlin, “SPAF”(Seoul Performing Arts Festival) in Seoul, “Antistatic Festival” in Sofia, “Festival ‘passage recherché” in Weimar.