RAW MATERIAL – Antistatic Festival 2013

Raw Material - Antistatic Festival


2013. 15-20 April 7 pm 17 / Театрална зала на СУ, Ректорат

“Raw Material” is a reconstruction of the four-month-long research in the form of play. Its theme is to conceptualize the tradition by integrating the tradition and today’s culture. With the loss of prototype in tradition, the conflicts which come from creating tradition, I try to find the new possibilities of tradition through the dialectic of my own. In what result does the tradition exist of the same age? How can we keep the identity of the forms and memories that every other individual experiences separately in the name of passing down the tradition? How do I understand tradition today? Which picture can depict the tradition rewritten by each individual through the flowing time? How far could the possibilities stretch? I carefully ask these kind of questions through this work.

Concept, Choreography Jee-Ae Lim Music Kyan Bayani Light Inyeon Lee Props ee-Ae Lim Costume Jee-Ae Lim Production Hanguk Performing Arts Center