NEW MONSTER – Rising Star 2013

image©Jirack Lee


Concept, Choreography Jee-Ae Lim Dance Young-Ho Kwon, Soo-Hyun Hwang, Jee-Ae Lim Sound Kyan Bayani and Tian Trotteveel Stage Design Jong-Suk Kim, Go-Ya Choi Light Ju-Hwan Lee, Jae-Euk Kim Technique Sung-Chung Kim, Sun-Young Heo Production HanPac(Hanguk Performing Arts Center) Duration 35min

Premiere: Arko Arts Theatre, Main Hall, Seoul, Korea

New Monster is a play about the organic relationship between transitional images and three performers. It attempts to create a tool for the developing relationship between body and objects that arises in two different situations incidentally or intentionally. The action that is initiated from the first person is transmitted to the second and third person and it is transformed through the contamination and articulation of body movement. The action is constantly replacing the new context in each situation.

In the process, a Korean mythological characters are looming through out the movement, thus creating an expected language. The images are already familiar to us but at the same time they are slightly distorted from what we know.

New Monster surveys the world by bringing human characters from Korean mythology such as a man, a fairy and an animal, in an attempt to put it into a modern landscape. It turns the characters into the performers from their own point of view in order to examine the cultural paradigm. How the body is decontextualized from the given role and the meaning from the society and how the body is rendered in an autonomous space. It constantly re-examines the borders between collectivity/individuality, tradition/modernity, man/woman, human-being/animal.

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