NEW MONSTER – Tanztage Berlin 2014

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Watching New Monster is like unpacking a present without wanting to rip the paper.This piece by South-Korean JEE-AE LIM spans the spectrum from a contemporary Berlin aesthetic to myth-inspired theatricality, with its overarching poetry only becoming apparent at the end.

Lim’s resume is equally multifaceted: she was trained in traditional Korean dance and went on to explore contemporary sensibilities in her Masters in Solo/Dance/Authorship at HZT. For 2013/14 she has a residency fellowship at the K3 Centre for Choreography in Hamburg.

“New Monster surveys the world by bringing human characters from Korean mythology such as a man, a fairy and a monster, in an attempt to put it into a modern landscape. It turns the characters into the performers from their own point of view in order to examine how the body is re-contextualized from the given role and the meaning from the society and how the body is rendered in the borders between collectivity/individuality, tradition/modernity, man/woman, human-being/animal.” –Jee-Ae Lim

CHOREOGRAPHY Jee-Ae Lim PERFORMANCE Young-Ho Kwon, Soo-Hyun Hwang, Jee-Ae Lim MUSIC Tian Rotteveel, Kyan Bayani STAGE Jong-Seok Kim, Go-Ya Choi LIGHT DESIGN Jae-Euk Kim LIGHT DESIGN REALIZATION Nikola Pieper

Supported by Tanztage Berlin, SOPHIENSÆLE and Arts Council Korea.

Short video:


© Jirack Lee

Tanztage Berlin 2014_JEE-AE LIM. Titel: NEW MONSTER


NewMonster_Jirack Lee_9

© Jirack Lee

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© Jirack Lee


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