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My eyes are looking out of the window onto tomorrow. My ears are listening to birds singing from far away yesterday. My left cheek touches and smells the leaves from my ancestral trees. My arms are drawing water from a well and pour it into the air.
This is how Jee-Ae Lim learned to dance when she was young. Throughout the years, during the education in traditional and modern dance, she embodied various stereotypes of movements and concepts of the body. 10 Years in a Minute – Still Moving is a choreographic project that explores the idea of aestheticised bodies in the history of dance with the aim to reinterpret existing aesthetic concepts by uncovering their different culture/history/contemporaneity. It is a journey to revisit the dance that Jee-Ae Lim was educated in, in order to unfold the complexity of body movements between traditional and modern notions and to re-situate the retrospective body images on today’s stage.

In conjunction with this event there’s also a lecture from Okju Son.

Jee-Ae Lim came from a traditional Korean dance background, and has been working on combining traditional Korean dance with contemporary sensibility. Recently, she has finished her M.A. in choreography Solo/Dance/Authorship at HZT in Berlin. Her work has been presented at various international festivals. She is a co-founder of Co-Lab Project Group based in Berlin and Seoul which works with interdisciplinary and collaborative perspectives. 

10 years in 1 minute – still moving is the first of three parts which get realized in co-production with the Festival BO:M Seoul and the Festival/Tokyo14.


K3 Tanzplan HamburgK3 Tanzplan Hamburg

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