Asia Series Vol.1: Korean Dawon Arts
10 Years in 1 Minute

Concept, Choreography: Jeeae Lim [Korea]

November 13th – November 16th, 2014

Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Theatre West

An exploration across borders and genres of dance as a moving archive

Three performers: Jeeae Lim, a dancer who fuses a background in Korean traditional dance with a contemporary dance sensibility; Pijin Neji, the Japanese dancer who began in Butoh and whose work is physically unique and deeply reflective; and Sergiu Matis, a Romania-born dancer based in Germany with a background in classical ballet. “10 Years in 1 Minute” is a peculiar collaboration between three dancers hailing from three different contexts, looking to re-examine and reconstruct the body as a “moving archive”. The three-part project started last year, with the first and second chapters staged in Germany and Korea in spring 2014. Now Tokyo witnesses the final engrossing exploration of deviation, expansion and transition.

On “Reprise”

“Reprise”, the third part of “10 years in 1 Minute”, is an act of remembering dance from historical and classical formats. The performance attempts to reflect the past to connect ourselves into the future by creating our own tradition in the present time. During the play our imagination is encouraged by quoting and referencing from a wide range of movement languages, gestures, representations and the production of cultural images in dance. “Reprise” investigates our fragmental memories as an archival storage that we have learnt and experienced deeply or superficially. The magnitude/scope of this memory is ranging from our physical experience by education to its imaginary acquisition by clichés and the social media. The performance does not intend to dig deep into the details of each dance. It rather focuses on the tension between our current body and the old form of dances that have already been established ages ago. What gaps occur? How do we make a space that the third thing could appear? These questions are leading us to a contemporary tradition.

Jeeae Lim – Choreographer, Dancer

Originally a student of traditional Korean dance, Jeeae Lim now creates dance combining the sensibilities of the traditional and the contemporary. In 2013 she completed an MA in choreography Solo/Dance/Authorship (SODA) in Berlin. From 2013-2014 she was a resident at K3 Tanzplan Hamburg. Her solo work “Raw Material” (2011) was performed in Korea, Germany, Bulgaria and Belgium, and in 2013 she participated in 8:Tension at ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival. In the same year, her “New Monster” was selected for the HanPAC Rising Star program and invited to Tanztage Berlin. In 2012 she collaborated with Soohyun Hwang to make “Co-lab: Seoul-Berlin”, which was performed at the F/T12 Emerging Artists Program.

Cast, Staff

Concept, Direction: Jeeae Lim
Co-produced by K3 Tanzplan Hamburg, LIG Arts Foundation
Planning: Festival Bo:m
Tokyo Production
Cast: Jeeae Lim, Pijin Neji, Sergiu Matis
Music: Kyan Bayani
Stage Manager: Kinam Park
Lighting Design: Shingyu Kang (LIG Arts Foundation)
Dramaturge: Matthias Quabbe (K3 Tanzplan Hamburg)
Production: InBetween
Technical Manager: Eiji Torakawa
Assistant Technical Manager: Yukiko Kato
Stage Manager: Keisuke Watanabe
Stage Assistant: Ryo Okubo
Lighting Co-ordination: Makiko Sasaki (Factor Co., Ltd.)
Sound Co-ordination: Akira Aikawa (Sound Weeds Inc.)
Interpretation: Sonoko Ishii
Production Co-ordination: Orie Kiyuna, Shiori Sunagawa (Festival/Tokyo)
In co-operation with the Saison Foundation
Co-produced by the Japan Foundation (The Japan Foundation East Asian Collaboration Vol.2)
Rehearsals supported by LIG Arts Foundation (LIG Art Hall·Busan)
Endorsed by the Embassy of Korea in Japan, Korean Cultural Center
Produced and presented by Festival/Tokyo
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