STILL MOVING – Solo version “SODA Works Festival


STILL MOVING – solo version

The initial point of STILL MOVING – solo version is about the idea of looking at my body as a moving archive. My body is an individual and independent archive of what it absorbed through time and social construction. In this solo, I am engaged with my dance educational background in Korean dance, the European and the American modern/contemporary dance, deploying them at the same time on the same body. It is a physical way of traveling through different trajectories of my body memories, experiences and encounters from selected moments of Korean dance history that are deeply inscribed in my body.

Concept, Choreography, Performance: Jee-Ae Lim / 
Research partner: Okju Son / Dramaturgical advice: Okju Son / Costume and Props: Jee-Ae Lim / Performance Places: SODA Fest, Uferstudios (Berlin), Tanzkongress (Hannover), P-Bodies Festival (Leipzig), Asia Culture Centre Theater (Gwangju) Korea, Dansehallerne (Kopenhagen), K3-Zentrum für Choreogra- phie | Tanzplan (Hamburg)


© Seoul Dance Center

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